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Momo the current topic for community concern

4 Mar 2019 9:45 AM | Diana Murase (Administrator)

Schools may wish to get on the front foot in dealing with the latest topic that is doing the rounds at school drops offs..  

There is a fair bit of debate whether the hoax (similar to blue whale) is true or not, but it certainly has some parents highly concerned.  Whilst there are no doubt several approaches schools can take, (from ignoring - to informing all parents) it may just be the opportunity for a timely reminder on some hints for parents to give them some tools (and comfort) on how they deal with Momo or whatever the next craze is.    It may also be worth getting some value for money from your firewall to see how many students are actually investigating this craze while they are at school...

Some articles (there are plenty more)

Description of what Momo is/isn't about

Generic Youtube safety advice from Family Zone

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