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2023 VINE/ASBA ICT Benchmarking Survey Report Released

28 Nov 2023 9:52 PM | Rob Flavell (Administrator)

The 2023 VINE/ASBA ICT Benchmarking Survey has been released and holds a wealth of information about the current state of technology use and management in K-12 schools.

60 schools (75% metropolitan and 25% inner and outer regional) across Independent (67%), Catholic (25%) and State/Public (8%) sectors took part in the comprehensive survey which covered areas including:

  •  ICT Resourcing and Responsibilities
  •  Connectivity
  • User Devices
  • Software and Services - Operations
  • Software and Services - Teaching and Learning
  • Software and Services - Communications
  • Software and Services - Systems Administration
  • Network Devices
  • Suppliers and Vendors
  • Policy, Risk and Governance
  • Safety and Security

The general report and individual school reports were compiled by independent consulting firm Votar Partners. The survey platform was provided in partnership with Independent Schools Queensland.

While any school could participate in the survey and receive the general report, VINE Member schools were provided with a unique code to place their school within the overall dataset. The unique code was used to obfuscate school identity while facilitating furnishing the owner of each code with a targeted report about their school in the context of all participating schools.

While there were many interesting aspects of the report, a few key findings were:

  • ICT resourcing within schools is not excessive with investment levels as a percentage of overall school budgets being between 3-5% for most respondents.
  • ICT staffing levels and seats at the leadership table were also low despite the broad and complex responsibilities ICT teams are accountable for.
  • The security posture of most responding schools represents a material risk with a lack of policies, plans and operational controls.

There are other summary findings in the report along with far more detail about each of the areas listed above – members can access the general report on the VINE website. (VINE Members Only)

VINE and ASBA anticipate undertaking this survey again in the years ahead to help inform and support the maturation of ICT use and management with K-12 schools.

View report (VINE Members Only)

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